Usually I don’t have too strong feelings about certain topics. Still, I wanted to create a place where I can write about stuff, when I’ve created something on GitHub or some other in-dept blogpost. I’ve written on the MooTools Blog but sometimes I’d like to write about something else. Don’t expect lots of posts, I’m not a David Walsh ;).

I have a healthy hate for WordPress, and I wanted something simple, so a static blog generator would be really cool, especially if it’s written in Node. Some people think it wouldn’t be even interesting if it wasn’t written in Node or Lua. So this blog is generated by a static blog generator called hexo. I tried a few, but this mostly just worked. It uses Stylus for CSS and ejs for templating, which is really nice. I could’ve made my own, but hey, sometimes it’s just better to use something what’s already there.

I wanted to keep my homepage however. This shows my latest tweets and latest updated GitHub repositories. This was written already in PHP, running on very cheap-ass shared hosting, so I made a little script that it generates an index.php file, which actually isn’t static.

Like with a lot of my work, I just put this blog on GitHub, so if you see a typo, you don’t have to put it in the comments, but you can send me a pull request!

Some remarkable facts during the production of this blog:

  • I used two spaces!
  • For the bit JS I wrote, I used ) { instead of ){.
  • FTP for “deployment” feels so good.
  • All semicolons are nicely placed after each line of JavaScript.
  • Look Ma, Responsive Design!!11!